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Please drop us a note with your thoughts or suggestions on how we can better serve you.

Helping to preserve our resources is one of the greatest ways we can start to live green. Making just a few changes to our lifestyle choices will have a resonating environmental impact.
"I am incredibly pleased with the service I received from EcoBox. I got a job in New York City at the very last minute and had about 11 boxes in Austin at my ex-boyfriend's house. I needed someone to pick them up and ship them to me. When I called Sam at EcoBox he sent someone to pick up the boxes, and found that they were not in the proper condition for shipment. He had someone re-pack all of my things into boxes, packed my television for shipment and did this all for about what I would have spent on a plane ticket to Austin to do it myself. I am so glad I contacted Sam, and am grateful for the low-cost service he provided to me. I highly recommend EcoBox to anyone for all their shipping needs." - Dyrka Y.
"Your customer service represenative, Eva, has 'renewed my faith in customer service'." - T. Pony
"I hate to move. I really hate to spend money on moving boxes, so Eco Box was a great option. This business sells boxes (used and new) and ships stuff nationwide. I got their used boxes, which were almost a dollar cheaper each than new ones. Plus, you are helping the environment by recycling. Buy used, then sell the boxes back! As an apartment dweller, I don't like keeping my boxes since I need every inch of storage. You can also buy other moving supplies there like tape, dish separators, and crazy labels. Eco Box Rocks! Say that five times fast.

Update: My dear friend works at Dell Children's Hospital. Apparently, you can opt to have the money from selling your boxes back to Eco Box donated straight to help out the kiddies. Isn't that awesome? " - Abi S
"I was able to get new and used boxes to pack for my upcoming move. They were very helpful suggesting all the packing materials I would need for everything from my books to my china and artwork. I was also able to ship some things to Co from there. They can ship with any carrier you want. They were considerably lower on shipping than I was quoted from another store. Overall I would sugest them to anyone who plans on moving or to anyone who wants to ship or mail something and not have to wait in line. " - Pandora P.
"Great job on packing my paintings!!! I know that at least my paintings and bass will arrive in good shape!" - RJ Tewes
"Wow, Eva! You are so thorough and great! Thank you so much. It's rare to find professionalism like yours these days. I will surely be coming by this weekend." - S
"It is a pleasure to do business with Eco Box. We have been "thru it" with other companies and your store and personnel are so nice that we enjoy doing business with you all. We also appreciate your price structure for our company." - S Acker M.D.